Launch your online success with Not on Paper

Do you want to make your processes better? Look no further, for we are online problem solvers ‘who boldly go where no developer has gone before’ to improve system efficiency and usability. Find out how we boost organizations online!

Modular thinking for ‘the ice master’

Smeva is the expert when it comes to refrigeration technology and truly believes that quality is in the details, but also in your ability to adapt quickly. This way of thinking is reflected in Smeva’s innovative modular systems and products. Smeva felt it should also be the main focal point of their brand-new website. And that’s where we came in!

Liefde voor leer met een online knowledge hub

One 4 Leather is een online knowledge hub met alle feiten en informatie over automotive leer. Het doel: de opinie over leer positief beïnvloeden met feitelijke, inhoudelijke content. We trappen bij Not on Paper graag op het gaspedaal om daar het juiste platform voor te bouwen.

What if you need to serve a wide range of markets and customers with one website? You’ll have to be smart about bringing information and clients together and that requires a website with search optimization and a whole lot of data and insights! We’ve got the formula.

Promotional marketing made easy

Save time and costs on cashback, registration and gift promotions with Novik®, our marketing automation tool for successful promotion and loyalty marketing campaigns.

Arseus dental
A platform streamlined for optimal service

Arseus provides dentistry interiors and supplies maintenance services through their online service platform. The old system was phased out, so we could sink our teeth into creating a new E-Help system.

Easy event management with our planning tool

Organizing customer events became easy peasy for Hornbach with our online event planner. Setting up events and registering participants is a lot easier for the hardware store with our tool. Comes in handy because there’s always something to do at Hornbach.

All product information available with the Auping touch application

Want to provide your customers with complete product access through an interactive solution? With our touchscreen application, Auping enables customers to explore their mattresses, both in-store and online.

The art of custom solutions

Wallstars creates photo-art, made-to-size, making a standard webshop simply not a functional fit. Our custom online store was the smart solution, including process automation that helps orders run fast and smoothly at Wallstars.

Send newsletters the way you like

In an organization like our client, newsletters are a ‘big deal’. These are vital for both internal and external communication, and with DirectMail we provide the perfect tool for effective email marketing.

The missing piece in the system-puzzle

Daikin was missing the functionality in their Daikin Platform tool to generate quotations. That one missing piece in the puzzle offered room for innovation. We happen to love puzzles and developed the fitting solution!

Arseus dental
A tailor-made website in style

Arseus Dental was going for a new website with a clear goal. Now, building effective websites is something we can help you with thanks to our broad experience in online technology, design and user experience.

Vollenhoven oil
24/7 Service with your client portal

Enabling customers to see, edit and manage their customer data, that is what we call a top-notch service portal. For Vollenhoven Oil we developed a platform that ensures around the clock (self)-service.